The Right Footwears For Diabetic Patients

Not many of us correlate diabetes with foot amputation. However, if you’re dealing with diabetes, it is crucial to take good care of your feet. Diabetes causes reduction in blood circulation which decreases the blood flow to the feet, causing a variety of problems. Read more on how diabetes can affect your feet here.

As the hot summer season begins, many escape their comfort zone to bathe in California’s hot sun at the beach.  As peaceful as it sounds, walking on the beach can be an extremely danger zone for patients with diabetes. If not treated immediately, a small blister or a cut from the waves of the beach can cause infection which can result in the loss of your toes, or even your whole leg.

In order to avoid any further injuries, diabetic foot treatment patients must choose the right footwear. First and foremost, diabetic patients should never walk barefoot. Even in your house, it is recommended to wear comfortable and sandals that has insulated cushions that can support the impact when walking. Your shoes should fit well and protect your feet at all times. Remember, a small cut or a blister can cause a mess to your feet.

Healthcare providers are likely to cover the cost of your shoes, so don’t be frugal when purchasing your footwear. The insides of the footwear should be smooth enough to not cause any scratches on your feet.