Is My Jammed Toe Broken?

A jammed toe can be a painful and bothersome issue that has the potential to give a patient some level of consternation, and should be addressed quickly to minimize the potential level of damage that it can cause. But, is my jammed toe broken?

However, a broken toe is entirely different. This is a medical issue that has the potential to cause an individual a high level of discomfort and pain. Sometimes, the symptoms of a broken toe and a badly jammed one can be very similar.

Is My Jammed Toe Broken?

Learning to tell the difference between a jammed toe and a broken toe can help you successfully solve these issues. It is one of the functions of a foot health specialist, and finding the right specialist is paramount for helping your toes heal.

Jammed Toe Symptoms vs. Broken Toe Symptoms

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether your toe is jammed or broken, as the two conditions often have overlapping symptoms. However, a broken toe will typically have more severe versions of the same symptoms as a jammed toe. Some of these symptoms include the following:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain that lasts for more than several days
  • An inability to bear weight on your feet

Sometimes, a minor break can feel very similar to a majorly jammed toe. In situations like these, it comes time to consult with a professional.

Caring for a Broken Toe at Home

Many individuals will instinctively reach for ice and pain relievers to relieve pain from a jammed or broken toe. However, this isn’t always the most effective treatment that can be utilized. For example, anti-inflammatory drugs can actually inhibit inflammation processes that help the body heal.

Sometimes, you may experience symptoms that indicate that you should do the at-home treatments and head to the physician’s office. Some of the following symptoms can be considered indications:

  • Bone poking through the skin of the foot (a compound fracture)
  • A deep cut or wound is present
  • Your toe is positioned in a much different way than the same toe on the opposite foot
  • Your toe is not pointing in the same direction as the other toes on the same foot

Seeking Medical Attention

The toes that are most commonly broken are the fourth and fifth toes of the foot. Oftentimes, these fractures are relatively simple, and the pieces of the bone in the foot are still aligned. In instances like these, doctors usually recommend wearing a fracture shoe.

A fracture shoe keeps the toes of your foot immobile so the bones can heal back into their proper positions. However, broken bones in the feet that aren’t lined up need adjustment. Your doctor might numb the toe and then straighten it prior to putting your foot in the fractured shoe. In addition, if your bone is fractured in a serious sense, there’s a possibility that you might have to have surgery to realign the toe and set it so that the bones heal in the correct fashion.

Sometimes, trying to fix a broken toe at home can impact the healing process in a more negative sense than if the toe was left alone. This is because taping a toe or other makeshift treatments can actually cause the toe to regrow in an abnormal fashion, creating further balance and walking issues.

Recovering from a Broken Toe

In general, a patient should experience much less pain approximately four weeks after their initial surgery. Most patients should be walking normally after about eight weeks. After about 12 weeks, a patient should be fully recovered and be ready to engage in whatever activities they normally engage in.

A jammed toe shouldn’t require the same level of treatment as a broken toe. However, some level of treatment and care is still required in order to heal properly. Some of the techniques mentioned above should help someone recover from this type of malady as well.

Finding the right specialist for your initial treatment should be considered paramount for helping your body heal correctly and receiving the right kind of treatment. Doing some level of research prior to receiving your treatment should help you to select the right physician for your treatment.

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