How Fat Foot Injections Relieve Pain

There are several conditions of the feet that can benefit from the administration of fat foot injections. These are injections that administer additional fat to areas of the feet that may have atrophied from a number of conditions. Below, we cover how fat foot injections relieve pain.

These injections have the potential to relieve patients of the pain and discomfort associated with some of these common conditions. For this reason, they’re considered quite useful for physicians in the administration of pain relief.

How Fat Foot Injections Relieve Pain

If you have a foot condition that’s bothering you, take a look at this review that details how fat foot injections can help relieve pain.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a common process in the medical and cosmetic sciences. During a fat graft, fat is transferred from one part of the body to another. The harvested fat comes from a part of the body where it is considered plentiful.

Fat grafting is generally considered to be a safe and effective way to remedy several medical conditions, as well as an avenue for offering patients more “natural” looking results in cosmetic procedures.

What Occurs During Fat Grafting?

During a foot fat transfer, your physician administers the fat injection while the patient is under the effects of local anesthesia in their feet. The fat is typically taken from the patient’s abdomen or somewhere else where fat is plentiful.

Your physician will use a blunt needle to perforate the fascia in several different places and then administer a minute amount of fat. Typically, just a few milliliters of fat are injected over the course of the process.

Fat injections typically come paired with several companion treatments, such as wearing night splints and wearing supportive shoes. In general, you should be able to discuss with your physician the types of companion treatments you might benefit from over the course of your own recovery from your initial treatment.

Conditions that Can Be Helped by Fat Grafting

One of the primary conditions that can be aided by fat foot injections is called forefoot fat pad atrophy. This is a condition where the natural fat reserves in the feet begin to degrade over time in the ball of the foot. This condition has responded favorably to the presence of fat injections.

Fat Pad Atrophy is a fairly common condition due to the fact that the fat pads of the foot are constantly in use, especially for shock absorption when one is walking. This tends to take its toll on the patient’s feet over time, leading to greater levels of discomfort and pain if the condition isn’t addressed to reduce the condition.

Another common condition that patients can benefit from with foot fat injections is plantar fasciitis. This painful degenerative condition of the feet is one of the most common debilitating conditions for patients who are suffering from it long-term. Fat injections have the potential to diminish this source of pain and discomfort significantly.

It’s possible that other conditions of the feet might be helped by fat injections as well, making this treatment an exciting field of research. Make sure to inform your doctor about all of the details surrounding your procedure so that you can determine whether other conditions you might be suffering from could benefit as well.

Giving Patients Results

In general, patients have responded very well to the injection of fat grafts into their feet across various studies. The surgery is considered minimally invasive and shows good results, which makes it highly economical in terms of the cost-benefit ratio of the procedure.

In fact, patients who received treatment sooner saw stronger results as their condition progressed. For this reason, fat grafts are considered one of the forefront treatments to be utilized for common degenerative issues of the feet.

In general, patients who received injections closer to the beginning of the onset of their condition saw a greater reduction in pain than those who received injections at the 6-month mark. Additionally, patients who waited a full calendar year for injections saw an even more minute reduction in pain. In this way, the results point to the advantageous elements of receiving treatment earlier.

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