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Dr. Jamshidinia takes a great deal of time explaining my problems and my xray results to me. He uses skeleton models in his office to make his points and he makes sure you clearly understand the reason for the foot symptoms. He loves what he does and his passion for his work is palpable. Above all, he is the best I have seen in making insoles. I am now walking farther and longer than ever and my feet don’t hurt like they used to. I am so lucky that I found Dr. Jamshidinia.
Leo Treyzon
I have always had great experiences with Dr. Jam. He helped me out quite a bit at two different points in time. It was easy to schedule the appt. I love the office because it’s bright and cheery with great views of century city and Beverly Hills. Esmeralda was great in coordinating my orthotics. Low stress. Problem solved. Great attitude. Fair and transperent pricing.
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I have been going to Dr. Jam for several years and have to say that he is an amazing doctor. I always receive the best service by him and his great staff. I have recommended many of my family members and friends to his practice as well. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a podiatrist, Dr.Jamshidinia is the BEST!
rhebo aguado
Dr. Jam and everyone of the office staff are efficient and friendly. I call on the phone and the person who answers me knows who I am. I get very personal attention. But most important is, of course, the medical treatment I receive. I believe Dr. Jam is one of the finest doctors around. I feel completely confident and I do totally trust I am receiving the best possible care
Cleo A.
Cleo A. Los Angeles, CA
friends 11 friends
reviews 3 reviews
5 Stars 3/21/2016
I was very pleased coming into this office. Had pain on both my feet, came in for a consultation and was seen by Dr. Jam. He is a very wonderful Doctor very kind and pleasant. He examined me and quickly knew what was going on. I came back for laser and met with Dr. Alfandari, also very pleased with him. He was gentle while doing the laser procedure making sure I wasn’t in any pain. Staff is great as well.
Thank you all for the great service!!
Michael N.
Michael N. Los Angeles, CA
friends 27 friends
reviews 18 reviews
5 Stars 3/11/2016
Great experience from start to finish. I’ve been suffering from heel pain/plantar fasciitis for very long time, and finally decided I need to do something about it. The staff squeezed me into his schedule and somehow Dr. Jamshidinia still gave me quality time going over my concerns. He was extremely detail oriented during his exam, his explanation of why this is happening and finally what treatment needed to
Ali J.
Ali J. Beverly Hills, CA
friends 24 friends
reviews 4 reviews
5 Stars 2/20/2016
I was able to run 26.2 mile LA marathon thx to Dr Jam…
He made me custom foot orthotics as I have had problems with painful flat feet all my life. He assured me that he could help. I’m so lucky to have had care from him as not only is he a good doctor but he really cares about you as though you are his only patient. I noticed many of the other reviewers had made similar comments about him. Highly recommend Dr. Jam and this practice.
Beautiful high tech office as well.
Michael L.
Michael L. Sylmar, CA
friends 18 friends
reviews 3 reviews
5 Stars 3/11/2016
I took my son in to see Dr. Kamran Jamshidinia he was very calming to my son. I thought my son would be scared but that was not the case. This Dr. Is the best, great personality, easy going and comforting. He really knows his stuff!!! Thanks Dr. Jamshidinia!! If your experiencing any foot problems go see this man.

Kamran Jamshidinia,

Dr. Kamran Jamshidinia

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