What Happens If Bunion Surgery Doesn’t Work?

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Bunion surgery can help to correct the imbalances that a bunion can bring to one’s health and gait. Most bunions don’t ultimately require surgery to correct, but the ones that do can severely interfere with one’s quality of life unless they are removed. Our guide looks at what happens if bunion surgery doesn’t work. Sometimes, … Read more

How Fat Foot Injections Relieve Pain

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There are several conditions of the feet that can benefit from the administration of fat foot injections. These are injections that administer additional fat to areas of the feet that may have atrophied from a number of conditions. Below, we cover how fat foot injections relieve pain. These injections have the potential to relieve patients … Read more

Warning Signs You Need to Remove a Bunion

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Bunions can take a variety of shapes and sizes – none are particularly pleasant. They typically start out small and indiscrete and proceed to grow from there, becoming more and more obstructive and irritating. Oftentimes, patients will wait until theirs has become something of an issue before they seek treatment for it. Below, we look … Read more

Preventative Measures for Athlete’s Foot

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From a very young age, people are taught to wear shoes and socks in public spaces to prevent the spread of athlete’s foot. This condition is a contagious fungal infection, and it can cause debilitating pain and discomfort as time goes on. Athlete’s foot can even become fatal if it is not treated right away. … Read more

Top Ankle Fracture Treatments

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Foot and ankle fractures are incredibly common and can lead to long-term health issues and disability if they’re not addressed quickly. This is why it’s important to remedy these issues as soon as you suspect they may have occurred. Below, we cover our top ankle fracture treatments. Top Ankle Fracture Treatments There are a variety … Read more

When to Consult a Medical Professional for Heel Pain

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Heel pain can be a complex and mysterious ailment, as it can sometimes be difficult to discern its exact source. Additionally, it can also be difficult to tell when the pain has reached a medically significant level. Below, we look at when to consult a medical professional for heel pain. However, catching heel pain before … Read more

Top Risk Factors for Nail Fungus

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Toenails, just like other parts of the body, can get infected after being exposed to dirt and germs. While nail fungus is a common type of toe infection, it is important to understand where it comes from and how to treat it fast. The longer you go without seeking treatment for your nail fungus, the … Read more

Guide to synthetic cartilage implants for joint pain

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Joint pain can be debilitating and seriously impact your daily life. Synthetic cartilage is an effective solution for joint pain. It is designed to function just like natural cartilage by supporting and cushioning the joints. Synthetic cartilage is designed to reduce friction, absorb impact, and improve overall joint function. This can help alleviate pain and … Read more

When to See a Doctor for Heel Pain

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Heel pain can impact your gait and make everyday tasks more difficult. Your feet have a number of bones, joints, and ligaments. These work together to help you effectively move. Your heel bone is the largest bone in your foot. Because of this, heel pain can be really problematic when you stand and walk. You … Read more

Importance of Fat Pads in the Foot

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The foot’s structure is designed to support your weight, help you move, and absorb impact. While we often focus on bones, joints, and muscles, the importance of fat pads in the foot should not be forgotten. The fat pad acts as a cushion, absorbing shock, distributing weight evenly, and protecting sensitive parts of the foot. … Read more