When to Consult a Medical Professional for Heel Pain

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Heel pain can be a complex and mysterious ailment, as it can sometimes be difficult to discern its exact source. Additionally, it can also be difficult to tell when the pain has reached a medically significant level. Below, we look at when to consult a medical professional for heel pain. However, catching heel pain before … Read more

When to See a Doctor for Heel Pain

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Heel pain can impact your gait and make everyday tasks more difficult. Your feet have a number of bones, joints, and ligaments. These work together to help you effectively move. Your heel bone is the largest bone in your foot. Because of this, heel pain can be really problematic when you stand and walk. You … Read more

Importance of Fat Pads in the Foot

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The foot’s structure is designed to support your weight, help you move, and absorb impact. While we often focus on bones, joints, and muscles, the importance of fat pads in the foot should not be forgotten. The fat pad acts as a cushion, absorbing shock, distributing weight evenly, and protecting sensitive parts of the foot. … Read more

Can Shockwave Therapy Treat Heel Spurs?

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Heel spurs are a common condition that can cause pain and discomfort in your feet. Unfortunately, anyone can be impacted by the condition. However, there are certain factors that place you at a higher risk for the condition. Characterized by bony growths on your heel bone, heel spurs can dramatically impact your daily life. Those … Read more

What Is Heel Fat Pad Syndrome?

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Your feet play an integral role in your gait. Issues with any part of your foot can impact your daily routine. Your heels are impacted by the natural wear and tear of daily life. Issues with your heel can cause serious pain and impact your ability to walk, run, and jump. If you have issues … Read more

Common Heel Pain Myths

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Heel pain can impact your daily life due to the impact it has on your gait and mobility. Many people with heel pain avoid going to the doctor until their pain is unmanageable. Heel pain is highly treatable so it’s important to seek professional help as soon as you notice the issue. Below you will … Read more

What Is Heel Fat Pad Syndrome?

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Heel fat pad syndrome impacts the thickness and elasticity in your heel pad. The condition is often due to the natural wear and tear that comes with natural aging. You may wonder, what is heel fat pad syndrome? The condition impacts the cushion pad on the bottom of your heel. The pad found on the … Read more

Why Does My Heel Hurt While Walking?

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Foot pain is not easy to ignore due to how often you need to get around. One of the most impactful issues when it comes to your feet is heel pain. Roughly 40% of Americans experience it each year. If you have experienced the same thing you may wonder, why does my heel hurt while … Read more

Common Activities that Wear Down Your Heel

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Natural wear and tear on your feet is normal as you age, but in some cases heel pain can be much more serious. Heel pad syndrome occurs when the thickness and elasticity in your heel pad changes and wears down. When the fatty tissue and muscle fibers on your heel wear down it can cause … Read more

What Your Shoe Fit Says About Your Health

Most of us have a pair of shoes we wear on a regular basis. A beloved pair of flats or perhaps our most comfortable tennis shoes. We all know the sadness of when that perfect pair begins to show its age. You might notice they are looser or lean to one side. The patterns of … Read more