Foot Narrowing Cinderella Procedure | Cosmetic Foot Surgery

One day Prince Charming is going to sweep you away for the night. You’ll be dancing the night away in designer high heels… for hours. When midnight strikes, you’ll run away and accidently lose one of your heels revealing your bare feet. It all seems so magical and glamourous … until he sees your feet and runs away instead. What is a girl to do?

Well, back to reality, you now have the popular option of cosmetic corrective functional foot surgery which will address both your cosmetic concerns but also the poor function and structural abnormalities associated with bunions, tailors bunions, hammertoes and the various inabilities associated with each ie Inability to fit into pretty shoes, inability to bend the big toe without pain, inability to fit into high heels due to painful unsightly corns and calluses and very prominent bent toes that rub against the top side of the toe box thereby irritating your toes and causing damage to the surrounding skin and chronic corns and calluses.

Various well respected physicians have created media buzz by coining such terms as Toe Tuck, Nip Toe Tuck Cinderella Procedure Cinderella Foot Surgery, Foot Narrowing, Toe Liposuction, Toebeastiy Procedure to thin toes.

These branded procedures are actually slight variations of surgeries that Foot Surgeons have been performing for years (bunion surgery): an operation that alters the size and shape of the feet by removing and remodeling abnormally angled joints into corrected alignment. So if you want to have nice feet that won’t scare your prince charming away (and be comfortable dancing in high heels for hours) try corrective cosmetic foot surgery as you will be able to achieve both form and function not to mention an aesthetic outcome for your foot.

Women, and even men who have had branded surgeries like the Cinderella procedure were not all aiming for good looking feet. Many emphasized on how comfortable they felt in their shoes afterwards which changed their lives. Again these procedures will address the form and function of your foot to allow for pain free walking.

An outpatient bunionectomy under IV sedation can make all the difference. Patients who talk about being ashamed to show their feet in the summer or in sandals due to structural deformities such as Bunions and Hammertoes and their resultant corns and calluses frequently send our clinic thank you letters letting us know how having pretty feet gave them no only huge boosts of confidence but also the ability to wear high heels with comfort and to participate back into their sport or exercise without the pain associated with their prior deformities. Some of our patients were also able to run marathons and do things they were never able to do before. Cassie Lentz as she told WDSU in LA was one of those patients having trouble wearing any style of shoes because she was constantly in pain from severe bunions. “I couldn’t wear shoes, flats or heels,” Lentz said. “Every day when I came home from work it would be red or swollen.” Thanks to the surgery, she was able to hike a volcano in Guatemala. Read her incredible story here.

Recently in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, more patients are asking about this life changing Cinderella Surgery. Many smaller cities are gaining more interests in this surgery and are asking more questions on the recovery time and pain levels associated with the surgery. If you have any questions on how these surgical procedures such as the Cinderella Surgery is performed, costs of surgery, insurance coverage or healing time after the surgery, feel free to contact our Los Angeles office today at (310) 247-9255.