What is Causing Your Toe Pain?

Have you been experiencing increased toe pain lately? You may not know what the root cause of your pain is, but with the help of this informative guide from Jamfeet, relief is right around the corner! Browse through our list of symptoms and identify what problems you have been experiencing. Then, read through the causes of your pain, and discover the remedies to soothe your troubled feet. If you are in need of a talented foot doctor in Los Angeles, the team at Jamfeet is always excited to see you for an appointment, and help you to start feeling better! Call today to schedule your first consultation and find out more about what is causing your toe pain now!

If You Notice a Painful Bump

Common pain on your feet can be linked to a development of a bump or sore somewhere along the base of your big toe. If you have noticed that your pain is resonating here, or you can see the bump that has formed, it is likely that you have developed a bunion. Bunions are painful toe bumps that form when the cartilage at the base of your toe begins to wear down. You are more likely to develop bunions if you have a job that leaves you constantly on your feet, if you tend to wear ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes often, if you are pregnant, if you have recently suffered a major foot injury, or if your family has a history of developing bunions. Having genes that link to consistent bunion growth makes up for about 40% of the cases. Schedule an appointment with a top foot doctor in Los Angeles to get your bunions diagnosed, and to receive a proactive treatment plan today!

If the Middle of Your Toe is Painful

When the connective joint in your toe begins to hurt, and you notice that its shape starts to change slightly into a claw-like bend, you may be experiencing a hammertoe. Hammertoes are more common with women than men, but this condition can also develop in children’s feet when shoes are ill-fitting. If left untreated for too long, the shape of the hammertoe may result in a patient no longer being able to move the affected toe, and walking may become difficult, as the shape is counter-intuitive to a healthy walking form. The pain may also become too unbearable when placing weight on the foot. Don’t let your painful hammertoe go untreated. Contact a foot doctor in Los Angeles today to get your toe inspected, and to find out what treatment will get you back to feeling better.

If You Experience Pain on the Pads of Your Feet

Should you start to identify the pain as emanating from the pads of your feet, you may be experiencing a buildup of skin layers known as calluses or corns. When you spend a significant amount of time on your feet, your body begins to build up layers of protection around areas that are more utilized or that feel the most extreme pain. Common areas for corns or calluses are the outer edges of big toes, the upper pads of your feet, and along your heel. In some cases, they can even occur on the outer edge of pinky toes as well. While this method of pain protection is not necessarily bad when maintained, if you leave these extra skin layers to sit for too long, they may start to become increasingly more painful over time. Get your painful calluses and corns removed with the help of the top foot doctors in Los Angeles. Contact the Jamfeet offices today to schedule your initial consultation, and get your toe pain diagnosed, and treated now!