Causes of Foot Fractures

A foot fracture is a physical and mental inconvenience. Even the smallest of pains or strains on your foot can keep you from moving, stopping you from performing life’s daily activities. It can be even more frustrating when a fracture seems to occur out of the blue.

The cause of a foot fracture is sometimes not as apparent as it may seem. This is something that our Jamfeet professionals have come to learn as we work to diagnose and treat all foot issues as successfully as possible. Before making an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon in Los Angeles, you should consider the different causes of foot fractures to better understand the specific type of pain you may be dealing with.

What Exactly is a Foot Fracture?

Some patients are uncertain about the difference between a fracture, a sprain, and a break.

A fracture is a small crack that occurs in the bone of the ankle or foot. It isn’t too difficult for a fracture to occur since there are so many bones in this area of the body. Physical stress, athletics, or awkward injuries can cause these bones to crack, which would require an appointment with your podiatrist as soon as possible. When this kind of damage occurs, it’s important to get in touch with an ankle surgeon in Los Angeles for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment assessment.

What Causes Foot Fractures?

If you think that you may be dealing with a fracture in the foot or ankle, you should consider what may have led to this kind of damage. Remember that foot fractures can happen in a variety of different ways, including the following situations:

– Athletics in tennis, track and field, dance, basketball, and other highly physical activities can create greater opportunities for foot fractures

– Stubbing the toes abruptly or unexpectedly can cause damage in other parts of the foot as well

– Putting too much weight or pressure down on the foot can cause it to crack

– A fall or a twist to the ankle can damage the metatarsals, which are the rotating bones in the ankle

– Large amounts of activity following a sprain can lead to further damage in the foot and ankle

These are just a few of the many situations that can cause a foot fracture. It’s also important to recognize the signs and symptoms of a broken or fractured foot so you can schedule a consultation with your podiatrist.

What Are the Symptoms of a Foot Fracture?

Regardless of the cause, the symptoms largely remain the same. It’s important to recognize your injury as a fracture if you experience some or the following:

– Bruising

– Tenderness

– Swelling

– Throbbing pain

– Immediate pain

– Pain that increases with movement and goes away with rest

– Deformity

– Trouble walking or holding weight on that foot

If the pain and swelling in the foot do not immediately improve with some at-home care, you may be dealing with something more serious. When it’s more than a sprain, it is time to schedule an appointment with an ankle surgeon in Los Angeles.

Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Los Angeles

At Jamfeet, we offer foot surgery and treatment by design. This means we take special care to be attentive to your specific needs, finding the best solution that works for your foot. Whether you are dealing with a sprain or an acute fracture, our foot surgeon, Dr. Jamshidinia, can create a successful treatment plan for you. We are available for a consultation at any time. To get started, simply contact us online or call at (310) 579-2080.