Unhealthy Shoes for Your Feet

While many areas of your body are important, your feet play a huge role in your ability to move around. Having unhealthy shoes for your feet is a big problem. And having shoes that provide you with the proper support to move around without any risk of falling or injuring yourself is important for the long-term mechanics of your body. This is because if you have issues with your feet, it will likely lead to issues with your:

  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Back

Your feet set the tone for the mechanics of your walk, and having everything in alignment can keep you healthy and feeling good. Below you will find the worse shoes for your feet and why you should avoid them.

Unhealthy Shoes for Your Feet

Fads, trends, and fashionable shoes cannot be your first priority for the long-term health of your feet and body. Below are some of the shoes you should steer clear of despite how cute they may be.

Ballet Flats:

These are super convenient and comfy, but they are not a good choice for your footwear. There’s literally zero arch support, and you can easily roll your ankle. If you have a must-have pair of ballet flats that you cannot live without, consider orthotic inserts. This can help with the lack of support and keep you feeling your fashionable self without all the risk.

Flip Flop Sandals:

Just like ballet flats, these provide no arch support. And you can definitely run the risk of rolling your ankle. Flip flops can easily get caught on things when you are walking, which further risks your safety. Understandably, flip flops are a go-to show as you can easily slide them on when you need them. Opt for a fitted flip flop with thick bottoms as they will provide more support and reduce the risk of injury.

High Heels:

While everyone loves to add a few inches to their stature, high heels are a no go when it comes to footwear. They put your foot in an unnatural position and increase the risk of ankle sprains. If your profession requires heels, drop down a few inches and stick to very low, chunky heels. Avoid stilettos at all costs. They are the riskiest due to the fine tip of the heel and the major lack of ankle support.

Wedges or Platforms:

These, like high heels, can cause a lot of problems for your feet, in addition to your ankles, knees, hips, and back. The risk of rolling your ankle is just as bad as they are often very high. There are platforms that are much lower to the ground and flat, so you can have the best of both worlds without the safety risk.

Issues Due to Unsupportive Shoes

For those who continue to wear unsupportive shoes, it’s possible that you could develop bunions. Bunions are bony bumps located on your big toes, which can be caused due to issues with your shoes. Most often, heels are the culprit. So ensuring your footwear is supportive is key.

If you have been diagnosed with bunions, bunion surgery is likely necessary. It is the most common and effective treatment option for the condition. A podiatrist will provide you with the best possible treatment and aftercare to ensure the issues don’t occur again. As with all medical issues, treatment sooner than later is better for your long-term health.

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