Importance of Proper Fitting Shoes

Most people spend a considerable amount of time on their feet, which is why it is important to have properly fitted shoes. Supportive shoes can prevent ankle, knee, hip, and back pain if worn regularly. The importance of proper fitting shoes is vital for your alignment, your feet, and your gate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Footwear

Shoe Type:

Whether you are looking for everyday footwear, running shoes, or even shoes for a special occasion, it’s important to choose a shoe that is right for your specific occasion. For example, you don’t want to wear Converse to your first marathon. Consider what applies to your specific occasion and how long you will be wearing them. Each type of shoe is equipped with features that apply to what you will be doing. If you are doing something physical, consider the ability of the shoe to absorb shock and support your ankles.

The Fit:

If you are going to be logging miles on your shoes, they need to be comfortable. The anatomy of your shoes is key to finding the right shoe that fits properly. For example, the upper part of a shoe is everything above the sole. You’ll want a material that’s breathable and a shape that conforms comfortably to your foot. The outsole is the part of a shoe where the rubber meets the road. The sole is often made up of several rubber or foam compounds. A shoe sole should provide traction and stability without being too heavy or stiff.

Looks and Brand:

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying shoes is buying for the look or the brand. While those red bottom heels may look classy and exude financial wealth, they are a frivolous investment that won’t support your feet. The immediate desire to have the best shoes from the top brands can be enticing, but you’ll need your feet for your whole life, so it’s worth investing in a supportive shoe.

Shoe Size:

While choosing the right shoe can be difficult, be sure to get the right size. The one mistake you do not want to make is getting a shoe that is too small. While your shoes and the surrounding material will inevitably stretch, they won’t stretch that much. One key tip is to “play the piano with your toes” when you try on the shoes. If you can do this, they should be about the right size. You should also not have more than one thumbprint (held horizontally) between the front tip of your shoe and the tip of your toe.

Importance of Proper Fitting Shoes

Finding the right shoes can help avoid foot issues in the future. Without properly fitted shoes, you may run the risk of needing surgery or having to deal with unwanted health issues. Below are some of the common issues that can arise due to improperly fitted shoes.

  • Corns and Calluses: Corns are small, round circles of skin that can develop on the side of the tops of your toes. Calluses are usually larger than corns develop on the bottom of your feet. Both are caused by a protective reaction to prevent your skin from becoming blistered or damaged from shoes that are too tight. You can treat these with over-the-counter patches and finding shoes that fit right.
  • Ingrown Toenails: These occur when the side of your toenail grows into the surrounding skin. These most often occur on your big toes, and it can cause pain, swelling, and can even become infected. Ingrown toenails are often caused by shoes that are too tight. These may need treatment from a medical professional if they have become too deep.
  • Bunions: These are enlargements of bones and tissue around the joint of your big toe. Just like corns, calluses, and ingrown toenails, these find their cause in shoes that do not fit properly. They can be painful and cause swelling. Bunions often require bunion surgery and will need to be treated by a podiatrist.

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