Have Great Toe Nails for Summer

In less than two weeks will be the official start of Summer Solstice. This is the time of year where bathing suits and sandals come out. Whether it’s a trip to the beach with friends, or a family vacation to a tropical destination, your sandals will make an appearance at least once, but not if you sufferwith Onychomycosis, more commonly known as toenail fungus. According to the Doctors at TowerFoot & Ankle Surgery (JamFeet) toenail fungus generally starts at the tip of the nail but can spread to the rest of the nail and nail bed. As time progresses, so does the severity of the condition with progressive thickening of the toenail, discoloration, discomfort and odor.

Summer vacations aren’t so much of a joyous occasion anymore because of your toenail problem. Onychomycosis is responsible for 50% of all nail diseases and affects 32% of the elderly population(Leelavathi, “Onychomycosis nailed”). This often untreated nail disease can lead to spreading of the infection to others, increase in discoloration and discomfort, ingrown toenails, or the the case of the Diabetic population can lead to bacterial co-infections and even amputation. People who have toenail fungus are usually too ashamed to seek treatment. Studies have shown that 14% of Americans suffer with toenail fungus (Ghannoum, Mahmoud, and Nancy Isham, “Fungal Nail Infections (Onychomycosis): A Never- Ending Story?”). This is equivalent to the population of California.However, there is no more need to wear your sneakers to the beach or your socks to bed, because
toenail fungus is treatable.

There are several different treatments for toenail fungus scaling the severity levels. There are oral medications, topicals, laser treatments, and also nail avulsions. Toenail fungus have a tendency to stay in your socks and shoes, which Dr. Jamshidinia and Dr. Alfandari highly recommend using Steri-shoes to eliminate the odor and kill 99.99% of germs to stop the spreading of the fungus. At Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery, the Doctors give their patients a thorough examination and go over all treatment options for toenail fungus. The most popular method used at TFAS is the laser treatments with the combination of recommended affordable topicals, or for the more advance case, nailavulsion and laser treatments combined. These methods have proven to be a success amongst their patients. However, if you are still skeptical and want to try just the topical route, keep in mind that not all FDA approved topicals are effective and some can be very costly. According to, FDA approved topical Jublia only contains 4 milliliter in one bottle (which is less than a teaspoon) for a whopping $539. The recommended treatment period of an effective rate of 15% is about 48 weeks with a one drop a day application, two drops a day for your big toe, which your out of pocket cost is estimated to be $8000 or more. The laser treatment and nail avulsion is only a fraction of that cost at TFAS.

Because toe nail fungus has become so common, there is a possibility that you might know someone else with the same condition, so no more being ashamed. Call the highly recommended Doctors at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery to schedule your consultation and put your mind and feet to ease.