4 Steps to Caring for Your Aging Feet

The foot is a powerful body part able to withstand our entire weight in motion every single day. Years of wear and tear can be stressful on our feet, as we age they start to lose their cushioning and are more susceptible to common foot problems such as corn, calluses and fungal infections. Many seniors also have poor circulation which can slow the healing process. Here are few tips you can do to take care of your feet now.

Keep Warm

Try to keep your feet warm but not hot! Try wearing socks or stockings to keep your feet warm. During the winter, try wearing fleece lined boots for an extra protective layer and if needed double socks. Keep your feet warm but do not cut off circulation.

Wear more comfortable shoes

More than ever before you should try to wear shoes that fit properly and offer you more support. The older we get, the more that our feet muscles and ligaments lose their strength. Look for shoes that provide cushion, conform to your feet, and allow your feet to breathe.


Going on small walks here and there will give your feet strength and keep them healthy. Small exercises can improve your overall health and blood circulation, allowing for stronger feet.


With age, the skin’s ability to produce sweat and oil is significantly reduced which can lead to dry, flaky skin.  Dry skin can become itchy and will begin to crack, keep your feet moisturized especially after bathing. After bathing, pat down your feet and apply a strong moisturizer to keep your feet moisturized long after your bath.

Older adults do have an increase in common foot problems. Take care of your feet now to avoid any problems. Schedule an appointment today at your foot doctor’s office to maintain healthy feet at any age.