Your Feet Pay the Price | Find Out Which Shoes Are Best for You

First and foremost, your feet are in charge of the most important job. You might take them for granted every day, but they work alongside with your spine supporting your entire body and works as a 2-wheel automobile vehicle. Every step that you take is another leap towards a healthier body. However, one injury to your foot can cause a lifetime of injuries. So take the time to get to know your own foot and appreciate all that they’ve done for you.

Shoes Are Best for You

Key facts about your foot

  1. The ankles of your foot are formed by the interaction of the foot and your lower leg.
  2. The bones of your foot are held together with ligaments.
  3. The foot muscles along with a tissue known as planter fascia provide secondary support.
  4. Pain and discomfort in your foot for a prolonged period of time is a sign of possible foot problems.
  5. Your feet can contract an array of nasty diseases such as plantar warts, athletes foot, and ring worm as well as nail fungus.
  6. Many injuries are caused from not having the right footwear during your activities on your feet.
  7. Finding the right shoes can save you a whole lot of money in the long run.

People need to choose the right shoe for their foot type and their activities. The right footwear can take you places while keeping you comfortable and confident on your toes. It makes you feel great about your body and in return you feel at ease with your daily task.

What are the qualities of a good shoe?

A good shoe has relatively flat sole and can be adjusted by lace. Medical experts agree that the best shoes for healthy feet mimic the foot’s natural shape, while offering support in the arch and a flexible sole underneath the toes, the way most athletic shoes do. People with high arches need more cushioning while people with flat feet may need more arch support.


Foot specialists also agreed that the wide variety of athletic shoes make it almost worth seeking the advice of a medical professional before selecting a pair. You can contact board certified podiatrist Dr. Kamran Jamshidinia in Los Angeles for all your orthotics needs. Have the experts help you find the right shoes for you at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery, and have the ability to wear the shoes you love for a lifetime!