Explore Options for Treating Hammertoe Symptoms

Those too-tight shoes and narrow high heels are doing more damage than you imagine!.

Hammertoe is just one agonizing result of putting repeated stress on your toes. Narrow fitting shoes and shoes that are too small can cause toes to bend upward at the middle joint, and yes, it’s as unpleasant as it sounds! Luckily, there a few products designed to help people who suffer from hammertoe.

Just when you thought you may never have comfy feet again thanks to hammertoes, padded toe socks were invented just for you! These socks help alleviate the pain associated with hammertoe by reducing pressure. Toe separators also come in handy when trying to keep your toes from crowding one another and becoming uncomfortable.

Toe stretchers may sound like a device out of a horror movie, but they are designed to provide relief from uncomfortable hammertoe symptoms. The stretchers, also known as toe relaxers, separate each toe as they help joints properly realign. It may sound a bit intense at first, but stretchers are part of the battle against hammertoes!

Wrapping your toes will also aid in the fight against hammertoe. Toe loops and wraps work to straighten and cushion your toes by splinting two together. These products are designed to gently realign hammertoes without the need for surgery.

If you need a bit more aid, corticosteroid injections and medications may also be necessary to relieve some pain caused by hammertoe. As you can see, hope is not lost! There are plenty of options for hammertoe sufferers, including some surgical for the more severe cases.

Routine hammertoe surgery is minimally invasive and is an outpatient surgery. If you think this is the best option for you, call our Podiatrist today at (310) 247-9255.