Are Custom Running Orthotics Worth the Cost?

Worried about the price of custom orthotics and not wanting to sell your sole? Deciding between the cheaper or the more effective option is often the greatest dilemma. When it comes to orthotics, the latter almost always exceeds the price. Custom orthotics can be pricey and may or may not be covered by insurance depending . . . Read More

The Best Way To Their Heart Is Through Their Feet | Bunion News

Bunions are foot deformity in which the joint develops a prominent sideways angle by turning the big toe outward and turning the first metatarsal bone inward. The skin around the bunion may be irritated and there may be swelling at the base of the joint. Here’s a picture to help you identify a bunion.  Bunions, . . . Read More

Achilles Tendon Surgery: How Do I Overcome My Sore Achilles?

Foot problems happen to over 75% of Americans; even so, don’t let this be your Achilles’ heel…  According to recent studies, most foot problems are caused by pain in the heel of the foot, affecting approximately 2 million Americans today. The most adverse is Achilles Tendonitis which is an injury of the Achilles tendon. This . . . Read More

Easy Caring Tips For Your Diabetic Foot

Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels Blood sugar levels should be maintained and as low as 70 to 130 mg/dL before meals. However, maintain a blood sugar level of less than 180mg/dL two hours after a meal. It sounds like a bunch of numbers being thrown at you doesn’t it? Think of it as monitoring your . . . Read More

The Right Footwears For Diabetic Patients

Not many of us correlate diabetes with foot amputation. However, if you’re dealing with diabetes, it is crucial to take good care of your feet. Diabetes causes reduction in blood circulation which decreases the blood flow to the feet, causing a variety of problems. Read more on how diabetes can affect your feet here. As . . . Read More