Bunionectomy – What To Expect?

  • Are your feet in pain due to the bunions?
  • Are you having trouble finding the right footwear for your feet shape and comfort?
  • Are you embarrassed to wear sandals or go barefoot due to your bunions?

These are often the reasons why my patients come see me about getting their bunions treated.

Deciding to undergo a bunionectomy, or bunion removal surgery , involves a considerable amount of time, preparation and an experienced podiatrist who understands and listens to your concerns. He or she also must possess the skills to perform the right kind of bunion removal procedure for you and your needs.

Bunion removal surgery has evolved drastically over the years, with cutting-edge methods and applications that make cutting the edge faster than ever.

Patients suffering from severe bunions on both feet often decide to have their bunions removed one at a time so that they at are at least able to use one of their feet while the other heals. Others decide to get both taken care of at once to get it over with, but understand that you will need a dedicated and dependable caretaker if you choose this route, as you will need to stay off of both feet and will be very limited in mobility until both feet are healed.

Having performed countless foot revision surgeries in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for over 20 years, I am constantly updating my techniques to perfect my skills. This keeps me on my toes, in terms of always being on top of my profession. In Los Angeles, where stars are born or made, perfection is sought out when it comes to surgical procedures, especially if for purely cosmetic purposes. Additionally, many entertainers or performers in the public eye need to be able to recover quickly and in private, and new methods of surgery that involve less invasive techniques and smaller incisions are being developed to accommodate these needs.


Here are some procedures:

  • Tailor bunion repair
  • Cosmetic foot surgeries

DrJamFeet is the top bunion specialist in LA. Call today to see if you'd be a good candidate for bunion removal surgery.



Kamran Jamshidinia,

Dr. Kamran Jamshidinia

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