Preventative Measures for Athlete’s Foot

From a very young age, people are taught to wear shoes and socks in public spaces to prevent the spread of athlete’s foot. This condition is a contagious fungal infection, and it can cause debilitating pain and discomfort as time goes on. Athlete’s foot can even become fatal if it is not treated right away. If you are worried that you have contracted athlete’s foot after spending time without shoes in a public place, you should contact our office in Los Angeles right away. Below, we cover preventative measures for athlete’s foot.

Preventative Measures for Athlete’s Foot

In the meantime, you can focus on the below preventative measures for athlete’s foot to make sure you do not run the risk of getting this fungal infection. It is important to understand where athlete’s foot comes from so you know how to avoid it in the future.

About Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that spreads around the bottom of the foot and between the toes. It can develop for a variety of reasons and usually thrives in damp and hot areas. It is contagious, meaning that just touching someone with athlete’s foot can cause you to develop it as well.

The symptoms of athlete’s foot start out as itchy and red patches on the foot. It can become more severe, growing into a scaly infection that causes a lot of discomfort. It is important to avoid touching the same floor, clothing, and towels as someone with athlete’s foot.

How to Avoid Athlete’s Foot Like An Expert

Know what warning signs to look out for. Also, take measures to avoid coming into contact with the athlete’s foot fungus. Then you have nothing to worry about. Here we cover some great tips for avoiding athlete’s foot:

Always Keep Your Feet Dry

Like most types of fungus, athlete’s foot thrives in humid areas. If you are going to be walking around somewhere, make sure you keep your feet as dry as possible. Change out your sweaty socks often and dry off your feet if you step in some water.

Wear Shoes in Public Spaces

One of the easiest and most prominent ways to avoid contracting athlete’s foot is to always wear shoes or socks in public. If you plan on spending time at a gym, a dance studio, a water park, or any other area heavily trafficked while wet, you should remain especially careful to wear shoes. Even sandals worn in a public shower can be hugely helpful in preventing a fungal infection.

Invest in Moisture Wicking

There are footwear products specifically designed to protect you from infections like athlete’s foot. Moisture-wicking socks and shoes absorb sweat from your feet, keeping the area dry for longer periods of time. You can reach out to your foot doctor if you are interested in learning about the best kinds of fabrics for sweat absorption.

Wash Your Feet When You Get Home

No matter if you just had a hard workout at the gym or you are simply returning home from work, you need to wash your feet right away. A day’s worth of sweat and other moisture could be building up in your socks, covering your feet with the perfect environment for fungus. Use soap and water to scrub your feet on a daily basis.

Do Not Share Contagious Items

If you know someone who has athlete’s foot, or you are suspicious about the presence of this infection in a public space, make sure you never share any items with anyone. This includes towels, clothing, shoes, machinery, and flooring that is frequently walked on. This prevents contamination and helps the fungal infection go away sooner.

Treat Your Athlete’s Foot Today

Prevention is the best way to avoid fungal infections. Athlete’s foot can develop suddenly and severely, causing an itchy rash that is both painful and contagious. Make sure you know about the best professional athlete’s foot treatment in your area and sign up for regular prevention tips today.