Podiatry Blog | Sandals vs. Shoes – What to Choose to Avoid Summer Blues

It may seem like a simple decision, but every summer countless people find themselves wishing they had worn sandals instead of shoes, and vice versa. To help spare you from any inconvenience, here are some simple suggestions to help you decide which footwear is best for you this summer.

1. Put Comfort First

If you need a lot of support against your feet, finding a sandal that matches up to a good tennis shoe may be difficult, especially if you’re not willing to spend a lot of money. There are several brands of sandals that are made specifically for comfort, but they typically cost more and may only be available in specialty stores.

2. Select the Right Sandal or Shoe

Buying a pair of sandals or shoes is a big decision and one that you should never rush. It’s important to identify what you like and dislike having on your feet. In sandals, many people can’t stand having a thong between their toes, and others can’t do without a heel strap to keep the sandal in place. Similarly, many people desire a wide-soled shoe or one that is highly breathable to prevent sweating. Take your time, ask questions, and always give new shoes a test run before taking them on a vacation, hike, or excursion. If there are any defects, you want to find them early on!

4. Function over Form

Summer time tends to bring out the adventurous side of many people who prefer to stay indoors during the less attractive seasons. While the sunshine and beautiful weather may be the perfect time to show off your feet in those cool new sandals, be sure you aren’t planning to do any strenuous activity that may leave your feet vulnerable to injury. Sandals might work for a stroll on the beach, but if you are planning on rock climbing or hiking, make sure you are wearing functional shoes that protect your feet from the potential dangers the environment can pose.

3. Watch the Weather!

In many locations, the summer months can bring sudden downpours of rain and strong winds that seemingly come out of nowhere. There’s nothing worse than slogging through puddles in a pair of flip flops, so always check the weather for the entire day before you decide which footwear to choose. Even if it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day, that can change in a matter of minutes!