Common Sports Ankle Injuries

Injuries are common among athletes due to the physical nature of sports. One of the most common injuries involves the ankles. Because your feet and ankles are an integral part of your daily life, ankle injuries can impact your athletic career and your daily life. Getting diagnosed and treated from a skilled podiatrist can help you get back on in the game in no time. Below are the most common sports ankle injuries and helpful treatments that can address the issue.

Common Sports Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are common as they are a critical element of your gait and physical movement. Consider the following most common sports-related ankle injuries among athletes.

Lateral Ankle Sprain:

This type of sprain occurs when the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are stretched or torn. Ligaments are the fibrous connective tissue that attaches to the bone. They help hold your ankle together and keep it stable. This injury is common among athletes as it occurs due to rolling or twisting the ankle. Lateral ankle sprains can vary in terms of severity so symptoms may vary. However, common symptoms include swelling, pain, and an inability (or serious difficulty) bearing weight on your foot. Treatment can also vary depending on the severity of the issue. Sometimes ice, rest, and compression is enough, while more severe cases may require surgery.

Ankle Instability:

Athletes with a history of ankle sprains may experience ankle instability. It is characterized by a feeling of wobbling in the ankle joint, or even a filling of giving way. Ankle instability can damage the ligaments that support your ankle and may increase your risk for sprains. Ligaments are short bands of tough, flexible connective tissues that connect bones, cartilage, or hold together a joint. Those with ankle instability often experience pain, swelling, and difficulty participating in sports. Similar to a lateral ankle sprain, the level of ankle instability can vary. Because of this, the treatment options also vary widely. Consulting with a sports podiatrist in Los Angeles can be highly beneficial as they can properly diagnose the issue and create a customized treatment plan.

Achilles Tendon Ruptures:

This involves a tear or full break in the tendon that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. This often impacts athletes and those who are physically active as it often occurs when someone is running or jumping. An Achilles tendon rupture is often clear as it is accompanied by a sharp pain that is sudden in the back of the ankle, difficulty walking, a popping of snapping sensation, bruising, and swelling. Treatment can vary depending on whether the rupture is a tear or full break. Because of the seriousness of the injury, it is important to consult with a skilled podiatrist to ensure a full recovery.

Ankle Tendonitis:

Ankle tendonitis is caused by inflammation in one or more of the tendons in the ankle. It is often caused by overuse which is why it is common among athletes. Repetitive motions can lead to ankle tendonitis. This includes running, jumping, or cycling, which are highly common among athletes. This ankle injury is often characterized by pain, tenderness, swelling, stiffness, difficulty moving the ankle, and weakness. It is critical to treat ankle tendonitis as early as possible to avoid further injury.

Podiatrist in Los Angeles

If you are concerned you may have an ankle injury, avoid waiting and schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in Los Angeles. Podiatrists specialize in treating ankle and foot injuries, which are common among athletes. Treating ankle injuries right away can help reduce your risk for re-injury and ensure that you are able to return to the field with full use of your ankles. Contact the team at Jamfeet Foot Surgery today to schedule an appointment!