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In nearly all sports, whether it is recreational or professional sports, the feet are one of the most important assets of an athlete; thus, proper care must be taken to ensure they are in healthy shape so that the individual can perform at his or her best. That is why they seek out the help of a sports podiatrist.
A sports podiatrist specializes in the treatment, prevention and assessment of injuries relating to the feet, largely from active involvement in sports and exercise.
In sports podiatry, your doctor will perform a series of examinations to observe the biomechanics of your feet and determine how your feet interact with your lower legs and up through your back. A proper alignment or treatment plan to address any discovered foot-related issues will then be recommended.
Dr. Jamshidinia performs extensive examinations on sports patients for any abnormalities in the foot, such as:
  • Achillies tendon
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoe
  • Heels
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • foot and ankle fractures
  • Joints
  • Fat Pad
  • Tendons
  • Toe Problems
  • Warts
  • Big Toe Joints
  • Ingrown Toenail
  • Cosmetic Foot problems
All of these may negatively impact an athlete’s performance over time.
Demonstrating a proper chain of motion is imperative in preventing unpredictable injuries that could occur from an abnormality in gait and movement as you walk and run.
Your sports podiatrist will not only diagnose your foot problems; they often treat injuries subsequently incurred to the ankles, shins, knees, hips and up to the back that are caused by foot malfunction.
Your sports podiatrist will ensure that everything is properly aligned to minimize stress to the feet, so you are able to operate at your highest level.
Proper alignment ensures good posture and overall optimization of mechanical functionality in the body.
Feet are the foundation of our structure – they not only endure our bodyweight but also must carry this weight around.
In sports, that weight is compounded with high impact when the feet strike the ground.
Neglecting the feet often leaves you prone to accidents and injuries that otherwise are avoidable in a properly stabilized foot. Once your sports podiatrist is able to identify the problem, they can provide you tools and preventative measures necessary for your feet and prescribe the proper treatment plan or regimen to fix your foot/foot-related issues.
Board Certified Dr. Jamshidinia is the go-to podiatrist and podiatric surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.
His expertise is in cosmetic foot surgery, minimally invasive hammertoe repair, cosmetic approach bunion correction, the newest surgical and non-surgical remedies for chronic diabetic foot ulcers, athletic foot and ankle injuries, sports medicine, the latest technology in custom orthotic arch supports, and joint replacement surgery for the arthritic joint.
Dr. Jam accepts all forms of PPO.

Kamran Jamshidinia, DPM, FACFAS


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