Why Foot Rubs Are Good For You

Your feet do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to mobility. Most people spend a significant amount of their time on their feet throughout the day. Just like back massages, foot massages are good for you and can provide benefits beyond just relaxation and relief. In fact, regular foot massages with a focus on certain pressure points can be beneficial for your overall health. Let’s look at why foot rubs are good for you.

Why Foot Rubs Are Good For You: The Anatomy of a Foot Massage

Feet have thousands of nerve endings, which explains why foot rubs feel so good. Our feet are complex anatomical structures that include 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, 250,000 sweat glands, 50 ligaments and tendons, and 15,000 nerve endings. Feet are highly complex and are extremely strong as they can carry massive amounts of weight and pressure even in motion. Certain practices like reflexology have shown to heal many areas of the body by massaging and putting pressure on certain parts of the foot.

Healing Benefits of a Foot Massage

No matter how much you are on your feet, getting or giving yourself a daily foot massage can have health benefits.

  • Reduces Swelling: Whether you regularly have fluid retention or are pregnant, foot massages can help reduce swelling in your feet and ankles.
  • Pain Reliever: If you massage your foot properly, it can help reduce pain in your body. Whether you have headaches, neck pain, or even upper backaches, utilizing the right pressure points can help reduce pain.
  • Improves Circulation: Unlike those who are on their feet a lot, some people are more sedentary but can still benefit from foot massages. Sedentary lifestyles often result in circulation issues. Even just a ten-minute foot massage can benefit your blood circulation.
  • Reduces Anxiety: Foot rubs can help you relax and reduce your anxiety. If you give yourself a five- to ten-minute foot massage before bed it can help relax your body and promote restful sleep.
  • Improves Sleep: Taking the time to give yourself a foot massage as you wind down for bed can have major benefits. If you have a busy schedule and are constantly running from one place to the next it’s important to get as much restful sleep as you can to get you through the day. A short foot rub can help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • Improves Overall Foot Health: Rubbing your feet stimulates your foot muscles, reduces stiffness, and pain in your feet and ankles. Caring for your feet before bed can promote healing overnight. This can reduce the negative daily impacts of pressure and stress put on your feet.

Healing Foot Rub Tips

Research has shown that massaging your feet nightly with coconut oil can help with:

  • Ppain relief
  • Inflammation
  • Avariety of other issues

Focus on the bottom of your feet and your ankles for the most benefit. However, if you experience any pain it may be time to contact a podiatrist. While some people may benefit from nightly foot rubs, others may have more serious issues that need a diagnosis and treatment. Some women experience bunions, wide feet, and even large toes that can severely impact the amount of pain and discomfort you experience daily. Podiatrists are experienced in treating these issues and even offer pretty feet surgery which can improve the look of your feet and address any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

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