What Causes Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is a condition that starts out as a white or yellow spot underneath the tip of your nail. It can be found on your nails or toes but is more commonly found on your toenails. As the fungus moves deeper into your nail, it will begin to become discolored, thick, and your nail will begin to crumble. While the condition is common, it’s important to get it treated early so that it does not impact your nail. Knowing what causes nail fungus is the first step.

What Causes Nail Fungus?

A variety of factors causes nail fungus. A nail fungus infection is often caused by fungi that are underneath or on your nail. Because your feet are often in socks and shoes, the fungi have an opportunity to grow and cause infection. Fungus grows exponentially in warm environments that have moisture.

Another common cause of nail infection is visiting the nail salon. Nail fungus can be spread from person to person quickly. If you get a manicure or pedicure from a salon that does not follow standard disinfecting procedures, nail fungus can soon spread. Even outside of nail salons, nail fungus can spread from person to person with just simple physical contact.

Nail Fungus Prevention

Keeping yourself free from nail fungus is relatively simple. Below you will find some simple preventative measures to keep your nails free from fungus.

Nail Care:

Keep your nails and toes clean by trimming them often and cleaning underneath your nails daily. Remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated throughout the day.

Stay Dry:

Keep your hands and feet dry as much as possible. When you get out of the shower, dry your hands and feet thoroughly. Consider wearing gloves or water-resistant shoes if you cannot keep your hands and feet continuously dry.

Choose Salons Wisely:

If you regularly get manicures and pedicures, choose your salon wisely. Be sure the salon regularly disinfects their equipment. It’s best to visit a salon that opens the newly disinfected tools in front of you, so you know that they are following proper health protocol.

Cover Your Feet:

Keep your feet covered, especially in public. This can help reduce transmission from person to person.

Risk Factors

Nail fungus can affect anyone, but certain risk factors make someone more susceptible. For those that have diabetes, a weakened immune system, or a medical condition that causes poor circulation, there is a higher risk of nail fungus infection.

Age can also be a factor as those who are sixty-five or older are at a higher risk. Factors such as an injury around your nail or even on your nail can impact your risk. Those who spend time in environments that are moist, like swimming pools or outside in wet climates, are more susceptible.

The data has shown that nail fungus infections are more common in adult women as compared to children or men. It has also been shown to be hereditary, so if you have a close family member who gets nail fungus infections regularly, you are at a higher risk.

Treatment Options

While there are many over-the-counter and at-home remedy options that can treat nail fungus, they cannot prevent the fungus from returning. With that, those who have recurring nail fungus can spend hundreds of dollars treating one nail fungus infection after another. If you have had two more nail fungus infections, a podiatrist can help get your infections under control.

After a consultation and diagnosis from a podiatrist, there are treatment options that can help get rid of your recurring infections for good. Below are some of the most common treatment options for toenail fungus in Los Angeles.

  • Topical or oral medication
  • Debridement (removal of the diseased nail area)
  • Laser treatment

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