Healthy Diet for Healthy Feet

People talk about maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle constantly. From television ads to dedicated magazines, and millions of cookbooks promising to have all the answers, we are dedicated to living a healthy life. But what many people don’t consider is how their health and eating habits affect all areas of their bodies, not just their weight. Eating well significantly lowers your risk of getting cavities and other oral infections and choosing a healthy diet can help prevent major problems with even your feet.

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Eating for Foot Health

No one diet works perfectly for every person, but the goal to maintaining healthy feet is to load your body up with the right amount of calcium and vitamin D to ensure that your bones do not become porous and begin breaking down. A lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet can lead to osteoporosis, or bone cancer, in your feet. In many cases, it is in the foot bones that the first stage of osteoporosis is identified. You can prevent the breaking down of your bones by ensuring that you incorporate lots of healthy calcium and vitamin D. Adult women and men require about 1,000 mg of calcium per day for their bodies to function at their best.

To make sure you get the right amount of calcium each day, you can adjust your diet to include beneficial foods loaded with it. Milk is usually a go-to solution, but there are also seeds, cheeses, yogurt, beans, lentils and dark leafy greens like spinach and kale. In many situations, these items may already play into your current diet, so the next step is to make sure you’re eating 1,000 mg of these foods every day for the best outcome.

Depending on where you live, a lack of vitamin D in your body may be an easy fix. If you live where the sun is constantly warm and shining, chances are you have a great amount of vitamin D in your system. If this isn’t the case for you, however, there are many foods that have vitamin D in them, and, there are some that have both calcium and vitamin D. Foods rich in vitamin D include fatty fish, like tuna and salmon, dairy products fortified with vitamin D, soy milk, orange juice, cheese and egg yolks. The most effective way to upping your body’s daily intake of these two incredibly necessary supplements is to combine the foods that have both vitamins in them and loading up your diet with them. If you have more questions about how diet leads to healthy feet, contact a podiatrist in Los Angeles to get more answers.

Exercising for Foot Health

If you break a bone or have surgery that requires you to rest for prolonged periods of time, your doctors will mention how the area of your body that is healing start to atrophy. This process happens when a decrease in movement and exercise of any kind occurs and it happens to more than just your muscles. The same idea of deconditioning can occur in your bones when you do not exercise frequently. It’s important to maintain a healthy heart to prevent bone damage in your feet. This can mean anything from taking daily walks, to pushing yourself in a gym, but whichever you prefer, it is important that physical health gets as much attention as your diet when thinking about maintaining your feet bone health. Contact a podiatrist in Los Angeles today to see if your lifestyle is enough to maintain healthy bones, or if there’s something you could be doing better.

Stay in optimal shape with these diet and lifestyle tips to ensure that your bones stay strong. Combine foods full of both calcium and vitamin D to ensure a high-caliber diet, dedicated to maintaining bone health. If you have further questions regarding foot bone health, contact the top podiatrist in Los Angeles, Jamfeet, and set up an appointment today!