How Your Feet are Indicators of your Health

Healthy Feet

In general check-up appointments with your doctor, your feet can often be overlooked. This can be a mistake since your feet are informative body parts to use in gathering information about your overall health. Find out how your feet can be vital indicators of your general health with our in-depth guide. If you need a qualified, professional podiatrist in Los Angeles, contact the team at Jamfeet today.

Your Toes

Because your toe nerves and blood vessels are located the furthest away from your heart and spine, early indications of heart discrepancies or nerve damage can be found in your toes. Cold, insensitive or swollen toes can indicate a myriad of health problems. Cold toes often refer to a lack of blood flow in the nerves in your feet. If this symptom occurs when you are surrounded by snow or from another natural cause, there is no need to worry. However, if it is a regular day and your toes have started to become cold to the touch, this may be an indication that a larger problem is the cause. If this problem continues for longer than an hour and your toes have not warmed, consider a trip to your doctor or podiatrist.

If your toes have begun to lose feeling in them and remain numb for a full day or longer, schedule a trip to your doctor or podiatrist in Los Angeles immediately. This symptom may indicate a spinal issue that could progress quickly, so a doctor’s visit is vital. A lack of feeling in toes or feet occurs when the nerves have been cut off from their path to the spine and could result in permanent nerve damage if not treated quickly and correctly. If any of your toes are swollen or bruised at any time for a reason other than a minor blunt trauma, seek a physician’s opinion. Swelling could indicate broken bones, fractures or bloating due to an untreated heart problem. Always be aware of how your toes look and feel, as this could help you diagnose a major problem early.

Your Feet

Your foot is also prone to symptoms that could indicate larger problems in your health. If you experience frequent foot cramps or aches, this could be a symptom of dehydration or an early sign of nutritional deficiencies. This symptom is quite common in athletes and is a good way for athletic trainers to identify dehydration or nutritional lack. Your feet can also experience common sores that occur from uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes, socks or other footwear. These sores are not a serious issue unless they do not heal. A constant sore can be an indication of high glucose levels and an open wound that cannot heal may lead to serious infection. If the infection is left untreated, drastic measures may be taken to cure the affected area. Always be sure to take care of lingering sores with a trip to your podiatrist in Los Angeles.

Another common but serious indication of your health that can show systems on your feet is any itchy rashes, flaky skin or peeling. This is mostly known as athlete’s foot, but it can present itself in patients who have never played a single sport. It is a form of fungal infection and can be treated through many products found in drugstores. With a consistent use of products and through constant attempts to keep feet dry and cool, the infection can be treated without a trip to the doctor. If the symptoms progress, however, don’t put off seeking medical attention, as a larger issue may be the cause. If no infection is found, you may have a skin disease instead of a foot infection. In this case, a podiatrist and dermatologist will be able to help identify the exact condition and the best course of treatment.

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