Causes of Common Toe Problems

Your toes do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to helping you move around. They provide support when it comes to posture and balance, in addition to working with the rest of your foot to help support your body weight. Your toes also play a major role in your gait cycle as they help propel your foot forward. Toes provide a lot of support to your feet and can often become injured. Below are some of the causes of common toe problems and what you can do about it.

Causes of Common Toe Problems

Due to the natural wear and tear that comes from daily life, you may experience one or more of the following issues with your toes at some point. Contact an experienced podiatrist for help to resolve the issue early on.


This is an abnormality located on your big toe. It is often found on the joint of your big toe and can cause your big toe to turn inward towards your four other toes. This is often caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit right, specifically ones that are especially narrow near your toes. It will cause tenderness, pain, and you’ll notice a visible bump on your toe joint. There are some conservative treatment options, but if the issue has become too bad you may need surgery.

Ingrown Toenails:

An ingrown toenail can be really painful as it occurs when your toenail grows into the natural groove of skin around your toe. This can be caused by poorly fitted shoes, including shoes that are too narrow. They can occur if you cut your toenails too short as the nail then has an opportunity to grow into the skin. These can not only be painful, but also cause redness, swelling, and sometimes drainage. Some people try at-home remedies, but this is a job for the professionals. Contact a podiatrist so they can help resolve the issue.

Corns and Calluses:

These are highly common toe problems and are fairly easy to treat. They both are made up of extra layers of skin that have become thick and hard. Corns are often raised, circular in shape, and can be found anywhere on your foot. Calluses are often larger, irregularly shaped, and often found on the bottom of your foot. These are often caused by poorly fitted shoes, but can also be caused by other foot conditions such as bunions or hammertoe. If you treat them early you may be able to resolve the issue with at-home remedies. However, untreated corns and calluses can cause a lot of pain and may require a podiatrist’s assistance for removal.

Claw Toe:

This condition is noticeable as the first joint in your toes points up and the second joint in your toe points down. Your toes look just as the name of the condition indicates as the shape is claw-like due to the joint issues. This condition can be something you are born with, or it may signify other health conditions. Some people experience pain and others don’t, but it is important to get treatment as it can cause other issues with your gait. There are some modest treatments, but you may need surgery if the condition gets worse.

Podiatrist in Los Angeles

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, or any other toe-related issues, it’s important to contact a skilled podiatrist in Los Angeles. They can help provide you with a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. The team at Jamfeet is skilled in a variety of treatments for toe-related conditions and pain. Contact their office today for an appointment!