Spring Into Sandals

The Dangers Of Increased Flip-Flop Use

Wearing sandals is one of the things that people love the most about spring and summer. The ease at which these footwear options can be slid on and allow open air to delight the feet is a pleasure that is unmatched by any other wardrobe options. Flip flops have been popular choices for years by women and now more and more men are choosing the simple rubber sandals to wear for many different occasions. They are great for making a quick dash to town, strolling the beach or poolside and for casual picnics and outdoor events. But are flip flops a good idea for extended wear for most people? Experts have some warnings about the ubiquitous footwear that everyone should be aware of.

It’s easy to see that flip flops do not offer much protection for the feet in situations like crowded public transport or walking around on uneven and rough surfaces. Most of the top of the foot is exposed to other people stepping on it and stubbing the toe on curbs, embankments and other obstacles is very common while wearing flip flops. The bottom of the foot also has very little protection against sharp things that are being walked on such as rocks, glass, bottle caps and anything that is on the ground.

Besides the lack of protection to the feet that flip flops offer against hazards, the style of the shoe is not a good one for extended periods of time walking around in them. People have an unnatural foot posture when they wear flip flops due to trying to keep them from falling off. They scrunch their toes and arch the foot in a way that can cause pain and even injury over a long period of time that they have worn them almost exclusively. A sandal with a strap that hold the shoe onto the heel is a much better choice for long walks.