Basic Foot Care Tips

Your feet are a very important part of your body as they help you move around. Despite their importance, most people don’t give caring for the feet a second thought unless there is a major issue. Caring for your feet is more than just pedicures as maintaining good foot health can help you stay active. Below are some of the common issues people experience with their feet, and basic foot care tips.

Basic Foot Care Tips

Between corns and calluses to sweaty feet, you may notice a variety of issues with your feet. The good news is there are helpful ways to keep your feet healthy and address the most common foot issues.

Sweaty Feet:

Some people have really sweaty feet, which can not only be uncomfortable but also smelly. Excessive sweating is a condition referred to as hyperhidrosis. This can be caused due to stress, hormonal changes, and even certain medications. If you have sweaty feet, healthy foot hygiene is important to combat the issue. This requires washing your feet with antibacterial soap, thoroughly drying your feet, and using foot or antifungal powder to ensure that your feet stay dry. Bring an extra pair of socks with you to change throughout the day.

Foot Odor:

This can be a really embarrassing issue as a foul odor is a nuisance. When it comes to foot odor, it is likely caused by sweaty feet or your shoes. Your shoes inevitably have harmful bacteria that mingle with your sweat. This creates a smelly odor that requires some work to combat. As for your feet, you should wash them daily with soap and dust baby powder on them after you have thoroughly dried them. You’ll also need to change your socks daily and avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Rotating your shoes can help them air out and dry between the times you wear them.


A bunion is essentially a bump on the side of your big toe. The bump is caused by an abnormality in the bones of your feet. This abnormality causes your big toe to turn into your second toe (versus staying straight). This creates a bump on your big toe that can be really painful as it progresses. While a variety of factors can cause bunions, once you have one, it will likely require medical intervention. Cosmetic foot surgery can help remove unwanted bunions and restore your foot to a more natural state. Prevention is key, so it’s important to take care of your feet post-procedure. This means wearing shoes that fit properly, avoiding shoes with narrow toes, and standing for long periods of time.

Corns and Calluses:

These are very common and, in most cases, not serious unless you experience a lot of pain or have diabetes. In both of those cases, you should contact a medical professional for help to be sure there are no serious issues. Corns and calluses are both hard, thick patches of skin on your feet. They are both similar, but corns are found on the top of your feet and calluses are on the bottom. You can remove a corn or callus with a pumice stone in the bath or shower, salicylic acid to dissolve them, or use corn pads to help with the pressure.

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