5 Ways Custom Orthotics Can Change Your Life for The Better

If you have foot and heel pain in Los Angeles, you could be missing out on the best parts of life. Walking, standing, playing with your kids, these things can become extremely difficult. You likely have tried everything to fix your pain, but perhaps the solution is right in front of you. Custom orthotics can provide the relief that you need and perhaps even help other pains in your body as well. Getting custom orthotic inserts in Los Angeles can completely change your life for the better. Read on to discover five ways that custom orthotic inserts can relieve your pain and give you your life back.

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#1 Offer Relief of Bunions and Calluses

By getting custom orthotic inserts in Los Angeles sufferers of bunions and foot calluses will experience relief of the resulting pain. These issues are often caused by friction and undue pressure upon the feet. Proper support can relieve these issues and prevent them to an extent. A podiatrist in Los Angeles can give you custom orthotics to provide relief of bunions and calluses.

Custom orthotics, provided by a podiatrist in Los Angeles, can offer relief of various issues caused by pressure on the feet. If you need custom orthotic inserts, or need a podiatrist in Los Angeles give us a call at 310.247.9255.

#2 Manage Diabetes Symptoms

Wearing the correctly supported shoes and orthotics are very important for diabetics. Custom orthotics will relieve areas of excess pressure, accommodate foot deformities and limit the motion of joints. By offering shock absorption custom orthotics will improve diabetics foot pain and offer a level of comfort and pressure relief.

#3 Correct Your Flat Feet

A flat foot places a great deal of stress, and pressure upon the foot leading to potentially severe pain. Additionally, patients with flat feet often have their body knocked out of alignment which puts a significant amount of stress and pain upon their body. By getting custom orthotics from a trained podiatrist in Los Angeles patients with flat feet can achieve relief from their symptoms of flat feet.

#4 Offer Arch Support

For people who have high arches in their feet, they can find that there is an extra level of stress put upon their joints. Additionally, due to high arches there is a lot of stress placed upon the body. High arches lack support and a solid foundation for the body. Getting custom orthotic inserts in Los Angeles can give you specialized support for your feet, rather than the one size fits all approach of general shoe inserts.

#5 Get Rid of Your Body Pain

Orthotics aren’t just for foot pain; if you have back pain or body aches then getting custom orthotic inserts in Los Angeles can help to alleviate your pain. By supporting the three anatomical arches of the foot, orthotics put your body into alignment and provide necessary support for the base of your feet giving you a solid foundation. With a solid foundation back pains and body aches begin to diminish.