foot odor remedies

Foot Odor Remedies

While we seem to have summer year round here in Southern California, it has begun to cool off enough that we are putting away our sandals and slipping into our cozy closed toe shoes. Unfortunately, as much as we love the warmth, comfort and safety that our tennis shoes provide, they also provide a not so welcome side effect. The side effect of course is stinky feet, the kind of stinky feet that can be extremely hard to quelch. The dark, closed environment of our closed shoes can create a perfect place for bacteria to thrive. Our feet naturally sweat when we put them into dark and warm environments. While the sweat itself may be odorless, the bacteria growth that occurs as a result of the moist sweat mixed with the dark environment leads to the stinky feet that you just can’t do away with. Luckily there are various tips and tricks for doing away with those infamous stinky, can’t take my shoes off without gagging, feet. Read on to learn about foot odor remedies.


What Causes Stinky Feet?

The cause of stinky feet, as stated above, is a mixture of moist sweaty feet and a dark enclosed environment. Additionally, when the sweat comes in contact with the already existent bacteria on our feet it can create the unpleasant odor that we have all come to know as smelly feet. While unless you have a date, smelly feet may not seem like that big of a deal, the truth is that the odor can actually be a sign of the fact that our feet are predisposed to getting various foot related ailments. For example, people with smelly feet may be more predisposed to getting sores, blisters, athlete’s foot, nail fungus and various other foot related ailments.

The bottom of our feet have more sweat glands than other parts of our foot. Not only do the bottom of our feet have more sweat glands but they also have more bacteria than any other part of our feet. When you sweat the bacteria on your feet eat the sweat and create an acid byproduct that reeks. That acid byproduct is produced rapidly when we sweat due to the fact that the sweat and bacteria tend to meet at the same area.

Luckily, once you understand the cause of foot odor there is a way to cure stinky feet.


Foot Odor Remedy

Knowing the cause of stinky feet is half the battle, now it is time to learn how to combat the odor that plagues your ten little piggies. There are various methods that can be taken to combat foot odor, such as:

Soak Your Feet in Saltwater- Salt is one of the best and most natural ways to pull moisture out of your skin. While you generally would not want to pull moisture from your skin, a nice saltwater soak for your feet can be the best way to improve your smelly feet. When salt pulls moisture from your feet it limits the life sustaining abilities the skin of your feet has for bacteria. Thus a saltwater foot bath can help to kill your foot bacteria and ultimately cure stinky feet.

Change Your Socks- Many sock brands produce their product out of fabrics such as nylon. Nylon, among a few other common materials, trap moisture. When you wear nylon socks and sweat, the socks will begin to trap the moisture of your sweat and thus create a perfect feeding ground for bacteria. Cotton allow feet to breathe and do not trap moisture which make them the perfect material when you shop for socks.

Use a Spray or Powder- There are various products on the market that kill bacteria and freshen shoes. These products, while they cannot necessarily do away with the source of stinky feet, can be very beneficial in removing the smell in the shoes. A disinfectant such as lysol is perfect for killing bacteria that feeds on your sweat which would create more acidic byproduct.

Use Baking Soda- Baking soda, much like saltwater, removes moisture. If you are not a fan of soaking your feet in saltwater, then adding some baking soda to your shoes can be very helpful in your attempt to cure stinky feet. Just add a little of the baking soda powder to your shoes everyday and dump out the old in the morning.

Dry Your Shoes- Washing your shoes everyday can be a very helpful way to refreshing your shoes. However, it isn’t very realistic to be able to wash your shoes everyday. What you can do to remove bacteria is dry them everyday in order to ensure that you kill off bacteria and create an environment where new bacteria cannot form.


If you suffer from foot odor and want to correct it, these methods can be very beneficial. It is important to create a dry environment where bacteria cannot form.