Deciding on The Right Foot Surgeon for You

We live in a time where we have many options for many things, and have the luxury of being selective. Whether that is where you order pizza from, who you have fix your roof, or even which surgeon you use, it’s all in your hands. When it comes to podiatry, there is more than one option, and it is important you feel comfortable with their work before undergoing any surgery. Here are some tips on how to decide on the right foot surgeon for you specifically. If you are looking for a knowledgeable staff to help make your decision easier, contact Jamfeet to learn about what Dr. Jamshidinia can do for you, as well as cosmetic foot surgery before and after photos we can show you.

Finding a Qualified Expert

The most important step should be the first step in your search: is the surgeon in question a qualified expert with enough experience to perform the procedure you are looking for? If you can answer yes to this question, than that surgeon can move onto the next round. Jamfeet is experienced in many areas of foot and ankle trouble, and have come across many different cases for every type of ailment. Anything from bunions, wart treatment, fractures, heel pain, flat foot surgeries, and more are part of their wheelhouse. Jamfeet is home to top-rated podiatrist, Dr. Jamshidinia who is exactly who you want as your foot surgeon.

Assessing the Costs and Availability

Although availability and cost should be an important factor, it should not take the forefront because the cheapest surgeon is not worth using if they are not experienced or qualified. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” always proves to be true, so do not expect to hire a ten dollar surgeon to do a thousand dollar job. Availability means more than just the surgeon’s schedule, but also their ability to pass on discounts to you, and if they are part of your insurance network. Be sure to schedule a consultation with any prospective surgeons you are hoping to use to discuss what payment plan options they provide, as well as what services specifically cost with any additional fees. Getting the bottom line and finding out as much information as you can beforehand will allow you to make a more informed decision.

Personal Connection with Foot Surgeon

Any type of surgery is a stressful and intensive process; even the most noninvasive procedures have some amount of anxiety and fear associated with them. It is important to feel comfortable with the surgeon that you pick to help mitigate as much of the anxiety as possible. Not only is this a physical procedure that might come with pain, but it is a financial commitment as well, so make sure your money is going to someone who will give you your biggest return on investment. Be sure to do a consultation with every prospective surgeon on your list after narrowing down who is the most qualified and can work with you financially. Get a feel for the surgeon’s personality and their bedside manner because this is the person you will be working closely with throughout the process. Also, make sure that the staff is kind and helpful because they are the buffer between you and the doctor for appointments and questions. Finally, make sure that you are not uncomfortable with the facilities that will be used for your appointments and procedure. Feeling confident in your decision will make all the difference throughout the process.

Jamfeet has many success stories that prove they are one of the top qualified podiatrists you can find. With many cosmetic foot surgery before and after photos, you can see these success stories with ease and feel comfortable making the decision to use them as your next foot surgeon. Contact Jamfeet today to make an appointment!