The Dangers of Diabetes and Your Feet

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Diabetes is a disease that affects 25 million Americans every year. While most Americans are aware of the debilitating effects of diabetes and may know someone personally who suffers from this illness, few know of the dangers of diabetes and its effect on your feet. Often referred to as Diabetic Foot, this dangerous diagnosis can lead to life-threatening complications and should be treated with the upmost importance. For more information on causes, symptoms, complications, treatments, and procedures from the best podiatrist in Los Angeles, contact the experts at Jamfeet.

Nerve Damage

It is not uncommon for those with Diabetes to experience significant nerve damage, which can cause complications with balance, strength of surrounding muscles, and the shape of your foot from inconsistent and shifting weight placement. However, nerve damage can also show its symptoms through the skin on your foot changing to a dry texture. Since the nerves control the oil and moisture in your skin, damage to the nerves will render them ineffective and cause the surrounding skin to peel, crack, and even bleed. It is important to be aware of any changes in your physiological makeup to help prevent any further damage from happening.


Another danger of Diabetic Foot is significant numbness and loss of sensation in the toes and feet, which professionals call Diabetic neuropathy or, more specifically, peripheral neuropathy. This numbness can cause fresh wounds, ingrown nails, small cuts, and other injuries to fly under the radar, later resulting in infection to the untreated area. If this infection goes untreated, it can result in anything from a minor treatment to a necessary amputation. Being aware of this symptom is important to prevent any secondary damage to your body that is unnecessary.

Lack of Blood Flow

Aside from Diabetes interfering with the body’s ability to produce insulin on its own, it also impairs the body’s ability to maintain steady and continuous blood flow throughout the entire body. When heighted sugar levels cause the blood to accumulate instead, the constant circulation of blood is hindered, which results in the inability of white blood cells to rush to new lesions or sores and heal the area naturally. To find out more about how lack of blood flow can hinder your body’s ability to function properly, read here for more information from the experts.

Best Podiatrist in Los Angeles

The greatest treatment for any disease, including Diabetes, is to attempt to prevent it before it becomes a problem. With 80 million Americans considered “pre-diabetic” and another 7 million who are undiagnosed, it is important in both the prevention and treatment of Diabetic Foot to schedule regular check ups and appointments with an experienced podiatrist. With five-star reviews across Yelp and RateMDs, the team at Jamfeet have made a name for themselves being the best podiatrists in Los Angeles. Their state of the art facility, years of experience, and unparalleled passion make it an enjoyable experience for their patients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.