Why is PRP Treatment So Effective for Damaged Joints and Tendons?

The use of platelet rich plasma therapy is becoming a common treatment everywhere for athletes, Hollywood stars and amateurs alike. Its popularity is thanks to high profile athletes, which are leaving medical experts amazed by their ability to turn around so quickly to their high performance activity with ease.

Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of PRP treatment is its ability to repair damaged tissue as opposed to masking the pain temporarily. Other injections, such as steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, only hide the pain for a short period and need to be used consistently in order to maintain effects. But, steroids do nothing to offer any repairs to damaged tissues or tendons. Today we will shed some light as to why that is and what the procedure is like.

Why is PRP Treatment Effective?

Tendons and joints suffer from overuse and cannot maintain optimum health without direct blood supply. When a body gets injured it relies on the nutrition from nearby blood cells to rejuvenate, but after injury, it is much more difficult to recover quickly because blood flow to these injured sites is moving slowly or away from where it is needed.

Since muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments have no direct blood supply they cannot get the nutrition needed to recover quickly. With platelet-rich plasma therapy, a direct injection of blood nutrients is given to the torn tendon or joints, and the new plasma gives the injured location the nutrition boost it needs to make a rapid recovery, so instead of healing from a torn tendon in 8 weeks you can return to normal activity in four to six weeks.

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a concentration of platelet cells taken from the injured patient’s blood and purified into three layers – plasma, white blood cells, and red blood cells – in a special centrifuge. Once the blood is centrifuged into platelets of plasma and healthy protein cells it is up to 10 times greater than usual for concentration growth at the injured site. The procedure generally does not go past an hour for the entire process, but your physician will determine the estimated time of the procedure during your consultation.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a safe procedure for injured patients of all ages and featured non-surgically for patients with minimal tears and fractures. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, PRP treatment is a method of treating chronic tendon injuries, ligaments, muscles, arthritis and even utilized in surgery to enhance healing tissue. Many physicians are turning to PRP therapy as opposed to invasive surgery, to help heal inflammation, pain, and swelling to get patients back to their normal physical activities.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is an effective treatment because of its ability to enhance healing progress in less time required than invasive or conservative methods. If you are experiencing pain in tendons, joints and muscles then talk about PRP therapy with Dr. Jamshidinia and discover the best options available for you. Contact the Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery office in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation, and put your feet, in good hands.