Beware of Footwear that Causes Bunions

In the name of style, we often neglect comfort and sentence our feet to pain and discomfort. Common foot problems such as bunions or hammertoes are already in our genes and wearing the wrong shoes can accelerate those issues over time. Avoiding these types of footwear can prevent those problems from progressing.

Worst Shoes for your Feet

Stiletto Heels

Ladies, it is always a bad idea. They offer no support for the metatarsalgia (balls of your feet) and they place your foot in an awkward position. This style of shoes can lead to sprained ankles because of the lack of support. However, stylish they may be, it is best to wear these for special occasions only and for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

Extremely High Heels

Fashion tells us, the higher the heel the better. However, these shoes are suicide for your feet, because of the added stress that is placed on the ball of the foot. Wearing these shoes for a longer period of time can damage the bone structure of your feet and it can lead to fractures.

Pointy Toe Shoes

This trend is starting to affect both men and women. These shoes provide very little room for toes and as a result they squeeze the toes together, over time this can lead to toe deformities such as hammertoe.

Ill-Fitting Shoes

Squeezing into smaller size shoes can cause significant problems. ABC News reports that one in every six people have problems with their feet. Continuing to wear the wrong size shoes can lead to severe bunion pain, toe cramping, improper stride and lower back problems.


Avoid uncomfortable footwear whenever possible; leave the heels at home for special occasions. If you must wear heels, chunky heels are best for your feet because they provide steady support for your heels and can prevent straining your feet. Of course, these shoes should also only be worn occasionally.

If your feet are prone to bunions, take care of your feet now but wearing the proper footwear. Once bunions begin to form they are only removable by bunion surgery. Protect your feet as much as you can, opt for shoes with a low heel and place shoe inserts for added support.

Reversing foot deformities of any kind is often difficult and can be painful. If you have painful bunions, contact your foot doctor in Los Angeles for bunion treatment.